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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that provides individuals or businesses with space to store information, images, or other content accessible through a website. To guarantee speed and security and ensure that a web page or website is always available, they are stored with a hosting company.



MDG promotions hasyears of experience in web hosting solutions and domain names.

Custom web hosting for your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ... websites.

For professional web hosting of your website, you can come to us. MDG promotions is not a faceless big company where you are just another customer.


What do you need to know about our web hosting and cloud services?

As a customer, you have full access to your hosting account. You can manage your packages yourself. If you need support for hosting related issues, we are available 24/7.

Hosting your website is crucial to its accessibility. After all, you want your website to always be reachable quickly. Moreover, you don't fancy complex pricing plans and service blockages if you happen to have an extra large number of visitors one day. Our service as a web host is simple: we are your always-accessible, stable, reliable and accessible partner.

Plus, you enjoy excellent quality: a top data center, a la carte solutions, a to z services and over twenty years of experience in all things hosting. And, not to mention, 24/7/365 accessibility. Even on holidays, that is.

Web hosting with support for numerous applications

Our web hosting supports almost all platforms. Using the installatron panel you can install all supported platforms in no time. Find out which ones we support on the Installatron website.
Click here for an overview of all supported platforms.


Social Networking Software

Community software includes newsgroup systems (also known as bulletin boards or forums), guestbooks and mailing list applications.


Images and Files

Images and Files contains image galleries and other applications that help you manage website images, music, videos and other media.


Content Management Systems (CMS).

All CMS applications have the ability to manage news or blogs, and all have a template system that allows you to choose your own design. 

Content Management Systems generally fall into one of the following groups: Blogs (also known as weblogs), CMSs Portals (works with a 3-column page with modules that can be added) and Frameworks (do-it-yourself systems).


Webshop and Business

Web based business software includes eCommerce systems (shop software) for running an online store. Customer service systems and project management systems.

the benefits of web hosting at MDG


The data storage is 2018 ISO 27001 and Nen 7510 certified


Personalized service

As the case manager, I will contact you personally. That way we can determine what you need and if you may need help with certain parts of the process.



Through a comprehensive set of policies, technologies and regulations, we can strengthen the entire security posture and protect your apps, data and infrastructure from potential threats.


Speed & performance

Our web servers run on the latest platforms. These platforms are upgraded on a regular basis so that we are always with the latest technologies.



As a customer, you get the personal cell phone number of the business manager. So you always have direct contact with someone who knows about your purchased products and services.



Do you have special requests? Anything goes! You're not stuck with fixed packages. We can customize your entire hosting package.


More reliable

Daily backups of our web servers ensure disaster recovery in the event of a disaster. Your business continuity is thus guaranteed. Redundant solutions such as mirroring to other data centers also enhance reliability.

Included with each web hosting package


Unlimited data traffic

Unlimited subdomain names

Unlimited domain forwarding

Unlimited domain pointers

Free Tiny SSL certificate

Unlimited POP/IMAP accounts

Unlimited AutoResponders

Unlimited email aliases

24 / 7 / 365 email support

CGI/PHP & FTP/SFTP access.

Unlimited Cron Jobs

DNS Control panel

Antispam Filtering

Firewall security

99.9% uptime guarantee

Automatic daily backup

Manual backup/restore

CMS :Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, ...

Installatron web application installer

MS Exchange Online Plans (optional per account)