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SEO and SEA optimization for your website

WHAT are SEO and SEA?

What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of search engine marketing and can be defined as the set of activities intended to make a web page rank high in the organic search results of a search engine, on the keywords relevant to that web page. Since a listing in those organic results is free, these search results are an interesting alternative to search engine advertising. SEO can give a business a competitive advantage.

Source: Wikipedia


What is SEA - Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising refers to the placement of advertisements above and beside natural search results for a fee. The ad is displayed when a search engine user types in a word or phrase associated with the ad. The advertiser pays only for the search engine users who click on one of its ads. The ads link to a web page of the advertiser.

Three objectives can be distinguished in Search Engine Advertising. First, generate as many impressions (reach) as possible, second, realize as many clicks as possible and finally, realize as many conversions as possible. A conversion can be, for example, an information request, a registration or a purchase. Each objective has its own strategy.

Source: Wikipedia

SEO & SEA services

When creating a website, we implement basic SEO by default based on the content the page is about. Also, the CMS has a handy help tool to help you improve the SEO even more. Of course, you can outsource the SEO and SEA implementation on your website to MDG promotions bv.


Copywriting of website texts

A website with good SEO is already an important point. However, custom texts written by a copywriter is indispensable for a professional website.

Based on the targeted relevant keywords, the texts are perfected for your website to achieve a higher ranking within Google.

Please contact us for a free quote on copywriting.


SEO optimization

Apart from the standard SEO implementation we add in every new website, MDG Promotions bv can do a much deeper research to improve the search results of your website. We assume that this is best done 3 months, after your website goes live. However, the search engines need some time to index.

We will then work with you to see what words you still want to be found on and how we can improve the SEO of your website. We do this at an hourly rate. We recommend 3 to 6 months of follow-up.

What are we doing right?

  1. Audit: we conduct an SEO audit.
  2. Keyword research: we look at which words we need to rank better on
  3. Link building: looking up links to and from external sites ens suggestions. As well as creating more quality links within your website.
  4. Meta: we look at the values of the Meta tags ( title, description, H1 - H6)
  5. Copywriting: we engage a copywriter to optimize your texts.
  6. Analysis: we do a score analysis before and after so you can see the difference

SEA optimization

MDG promotions bv is happy to help you implement Facebook advertising and Woocommerce advertising in google for your website and products. We can link products from your Woocommerce webshop in WordPress to Google shopping. The same goes for setting up your FB shopping. Ask us for a free quote.

A monthly follow-up can be custom calculated.

Our prices are calculated without an advertising budget. We charge a 2% surplus for this credit.