Design of car lettering, banners, corporate signage in Antwerp

Your advertising on your window to your car.


Design of offline advertising

MDG Designs imagery for all physical offline advertising applications. Is it important for your company or for you as an entrepreneur to be seen outside. So on the street, in a traffic jam, at a bus stop or in a parking lot. Then physical advertising outside online platforms and other channels is definitely a must. It is not a matter of choosing between virtual and physical advertising, you will have to divide your attention.

MDG promotions will be happy to help you design the appropriate layout for your vehicle, banner, banner and showcase.


Production, labeling and placement of advertising are done in collaboration.

MDG promotions works with established suppliers for the execution and installation of our advertising designs.


Prices fisical advertising

Please contact us for a price estimate. The price for fisical advertising design depends on the size of the project.

examples car advertising

During the automotive advertising design process, we start from a blue print of your car, commercial vehicle, camionet or demand truck. After design approval, we get to work.

Decal Audi A4 Avant 2016 - Auto Advertising MDG Creativity by MDG Promotions
Audi A3 Sportback - MDG Creativity by MDG Promotions bv - dpo4you - The sign