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A graphic designer handles the graphic design of printed materials such as brochures, posters, packaging and book covers, digital products such as websites, and designs for use in various media, such as a logo or corporate identity.

Within the design, the graphic designer determines the design of the product, including layout (layout), typography (font types, sizes, column width, line spacing, etc.), use of color, and illustrations and photographs. Based on the client's requirements, the art director or graphic designer creates a concept design, which is presented to the client. Then the concept is developed into the final product by the graphic designer using professional graphic software.



When graphic designs it is important to know whether you are concerned with your name recognition, whether you want to provoke a reaction or, in short, attract attention.

Using the right header, image selection, you can stimulate the right incentives to achieve your goal.


Prices for graphic design

Please contact us for a price estimate. The price for graphic design depends on the scope of the project.



Advertising signs and banners

Designing advertising panels and advertising banners requires creative and technical skills. MDG Promotions bv can accommodate you perfectly regarding the design for your advertising campaign. Regardless of the purpose you wish to advertise for, we can work out the advertising for signs or other in and outdoor applications. It is possible to let us do only the graphic design according to the dimensions and instructions you give us. You can also give us free rein where we use our creativity to amaze you.



A business card, by its design and content, gives a first impression of the person in question.

Business cards are printed both single-sided and double-sided and sometimes folded once. The type of paper used is usually 250 to 300 g/m2; sometimes credit card-sized cards are printed on either biodegradable or organic plastic.

For protection, business cards can be laminated using a laminator and appropriate plastic sleeves.

Since business cards are used from the point of view of relationship marketing, sometimes distinctiveness is considered important, creating creative, unique expressions.


Logo & Corporate identity "BRANDING"

The corporate identity of an organization or company is the consciously chosen method of presentation to the outside world.

In the narrow definition, a corporate identity is the visual identity of an organization. It concerns only the symbolic part of the corporate identity. This includes name, logo, color, typography (typeface), design language (grids/surfaces/curves/formatting) and photography style.

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Automotive advertising - Lettering

Self-adhesive letters, complete text blocks and/or logos are cut to size in foil.
We provide them with a transfer tape for easy and quick adhesion. Due to a diversity of foil qualities, we can offer a complete range according to your needs for all possible purposes. E.g.: Lettering of panels, cars, trucks, boats, yard panels, real estate signs, exhibition stands, shop windows, sales & promo texts etc.

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Leaflets, Stickers & flyers

Advertise your business or event with high-quality full-color flyers. Do you need stickers or flyers ? We provide design and printing of your flyers and stickers.


Online imagery

Social media is "if powerfully put forward" a successful channel for introducing more people to your brand, products or services. Pictures "the perfect pictures" play a crusial role.

We work with Official databases to purchase your images so that you have the necessary rights regarding the online use of these pre-professional images.

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