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What is Branding?

The corporate identity of an organization or company is the consciously chosen method of presentation to the outside world.

In the narrow definition, a corporate identity is the visual identity of an organization. It concerns only the symbolic part of the corporate identity. This includes name, logo, color, typography (typeface), design language (grids/surfaces/curves/formatting) and photography style.


Use of Branding?

All these elements are used consistently in presentations or on stationery, business cards, offers, invoices, envelopes, the website, emails, corporate clothing, etc. The fact that here and there the standard spelling is deviated from, for example when capitalizing by so-called " camel case" (mixing upper and lower case letters in one word), is a deliberate choice in the name of creative freedom and in light of the variation in processing texts by computer.


Prices Branding

Please contact us for a price estimate. The price for corporate identity design depends on the scope of the project.

A corporate identity is often established in a corporate identity manual.

In large companies, the communications department typically monitors corporate identity. This can range from providing tools to present a consistent image (such as powerpoint templates and digital logo libraries) to a more policing role, ensuring compliance with internal guidelines. MDG Promotions can provide the corporate identity manual or corporate identity sheet on request.

MDG Promotions bv - Branding - logo design
MDG Promotions bv - Branding - logo design
MDG Promotions bv - Branding - logo design